Mara Sweet Acacia

Located in deep Mara Park, we proudly offer exemplary extra facilities to ensure leisure, comfort and standards are not compromised. Guests feel free, safe and in-touch with the surrounding in serene and top notch care

Leisure Activities

Park visits and game drive is on the list as a primary activity in the Mara and we offer great views of animals, the surroundings and even while in the Lodge, the outdoor feeling of the wild is vividly evident.

Game view

Night Camp fire

Tree Top Hotel/Bar

VIP Dining

Guest Swimming

The Talek River

Being a natural border to the park, guests can dine or drink while appreciating the extensive view and also the fresh breeze from the famous Talek River 

All rooms and accommodation facilities are of the best quality to ensure satisfaction is achieved. Staff is well trained to handle clients with respect and a friendly professional manner to deliver best of the best

“Home is where the heart and mind is at peace”

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